Quarter MOON Soap is a cottage industry in Rosemount , Minnesota.  Out of our commitment to a sustainable, healthy planet as well as clean, healthy skin, all of our soaps are made from 100% sustainably sourced, certified organic oils and are naturally preserved with rosemary leaf extract.  Other components of our soaps include pure essential oils and all natural, plant based ingredients.  No parabens,  animal products, or synthetic fragances, pigments or preservatives are ever used.

Our current line of bar soaps are created from 100% certified organic oils of coconut, palm, sunflower and safflower, with retained glycerin.   Using high oleic versions of certified organic sunflower and safflower oils gives our soap a quality similar to soap made from organic olive oil, without the high cost.   Beautifully colored and skillfully fragranced, each bar is as fun to use as it is good for your skin.

Quarter MOON Soaps are currently being sold through the Timeless Essential Oils website.  Please visit  us at www.timelessessentialoils.com .

Healthy skin, Healthy planet